Fuel Schemes

To ensure satisfactory performance of domestic solid fuel and wood-burning appliances, it is important to use fuels that are of a suitable type and size. Good quality fuels are essential for safe and efficient combustion as poor quality fuels waste energy and ultimately cost more for the consumer.  All HETAS accredited fuels have undergone certification in accordance with the relevant standard, providing consumer confidence that the fuels being burnt are both safe and efficient for the type of appliance they have.

Solid Mineral Fuel (HETAS Approved)

All solid mineral fuels listed have been tested and approved by HETAS on behalf of the fuel producer. The testing and approval combined with a quality assurance scheme enables the fuel to carry the HETAS Approved Solid Fuel logo which the consumer should look for.


The UK’s only woodfuel quality assurance scheme. Trust Woodsure certified suppliers for reliable, high-quality wood fuels. Woodsure offers quality assurance for firewood, wood chip, briquettes, pellets and hog fuel.

Administered Schemes

HETAS and it’s wholly owned subsidiary, Woodsure, provide a number of schemes for fuels.
We operate an approval scheme for manufactured smokeless fuels.  Woodsure operates
the UK’s only woodfuel quality assurance scheme for wood fuels. 

HETAS and Woodsure administer the Ready to Burn certification schemes.

Ready to Burn (wood fuel)

Wood fuel sold in volumes under 2m3 and Manufactured Solid Fuels (MSFs) with a sulphur content of 2% or less must be certified as Ready to Burn.

The scheme covers firewood, kindling and briquettes.

Ready to Burn (MSF)

To be authorised for use in UK smoke control areas, a Manufacturerd Solid Fuel must have an average smoke emission of less than 5 grams per hour when tested to the standard (BS3841) and contain less than 2% sulphur.

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